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Woven Vinyl for Wall Coverings
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Woven Vinyl Flooring is an economic and modern choice of flooring for both indoors and outdoors. This product was born from the harmonious combination of traditional weaving and the use of superior modern materials. Woven Vinyl Flooring smoothly merges innovative materials and appealing aesthetics with long-term durability and easy maintainability. With the alluring appearance of fabric, it’s robust, technically advanced floor coverings are compatible with heavy use.

The product looks like a textile flooring but as it is vinyl, it is much durable and has low maintenance as compared to other flooring material. It can be used in different application in high traffic areas in public buildings like offices, banks, Educational complexes, Hotels and its in rooms, healthcare units, shops and many more... It can also be used in residential areas like kitchens, balconies and stairs. It is hardwearing material, easy to install and keep clean. Woven Vinyl flooring works very well as sound and thermal insulator and it has high fire resistance rating. It is available is various designs and the colors of the flooring are very sustainable even under UV light.

Woven Vinyl flooring can be cut in any direction without the risk of fraying. It is ready to use right after installation. The product is hygienic and has low maintenance due to its water and dust repellent surface.

Or call us at (+91) 8108836836.


  • Seamless installation
  • Anti-skid
  • Wear resistant and durable
  • High fire-resistance rating and water proof
  • Sound absorptions
  • Discernible textile feel
  • Graceful and artistic for public places
  • Retain the colour and freshness for long
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean and Anti-bacterial
  • Static free, formaldehyde free
Or call us at (+91) 8108836836.