Indoor/Outdoor PP Interlock Modular Sports Flooring

pp interlocking modular tile for sports flooring (FIRST IMAGE)
pp interlock flooring desings for sports area
pp interlock designs for play are designs
pp interlock flooring for sports
pp interlock for sports design
pp interlocking designs for sports are
pp interlocking for basketball court
pp interlocking for play area
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PP Interlocking sports flooring tiles is commonly utilized to build professional sports courts abroad for basket ball, badminton, tennis, hockey, volley ball, roller skating, table tennis, pool surrounds, children play areas and many moreā€¦.

The product is constructed from a food grade PP. and its durable, odorless, non toxic water proof and pollution free. They come in various patterns. Due to its inheriting properties, it has excellent friction and shock absorbing power. The athletes/ players can play better longer and safer in PP Interlocking sports flooring. The bottom structure is composed of a square four corner support from, each with 645 points of support, to provide good support cushion, lock type connecting to install more convenient and fast.

The modified polypropylene with anti-ultraviolet ray, antioxidant, and cold-resistant etc. It has the advantage of pressure resistance, impact resistance, high or low temperature resistant, with long service life. Its quick and simple installation will give you a ready-to-play court within a day.

PP Interlock flooring system is perfect for new courts or for the resurfacing of old worn out courts, as the tiles also help to hide cracks from the subsurface and allow for many years of play without any worry of crack and surface repair. As such, they are perfect to reinvigorate damaged asphalt or concrete areas for both commercial and home facilities.

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  • Quick and easy to install(no adhesive required)
  • Suitable for all weather condition,100% recycled
  • Resilient surface for high impact sports.
  • Extreme durability and consistent performance.
  • Anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet radiation.
  • Simple requirement for the ground.
  • Adapt to the temperature from -40 to 70degree.
  • Special design for water drainage.
  • Easy to maintain, low maintenance.
  • Anti-slip surface.
  • Reduces the sprain and strain in sports.
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