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cliniwall internal wall cladding
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CLINIWALL - ANTI MICROBIAL interior wall cladding product ideal for healthcare/ pharma industry  like hospitals, labs, Operation theaters, iccu, icu, pharma  production units, food processing industry and many more applications. The product is manufactured in Europe.

LEXAN CLINIWALL sheet is a new thermoplastics material solution for clean room surfaces and interior wall cladding applications in public facilities and hospitals and healthcare industry. These opaque, low-gloss PC/ABS blend solid sheets delivers high impact and wear resistance, and it can help provide long awaited solutions to customer’s needs for materials that can meet. European fire regulation for building materials and their sanitation requirements while helping to save significant maintenance costs, resulting in reduced operation costs. Compared to high-pressure laminates, ceramics and steel, LEXAN CLINIWALL sheet can significantly lower system costs through consolidation of parts to streamline production, and avoidance of secondary operations such as painting and coating, machining and polishing, and lower shipping costs due to its light weight

Or call us at (+91) 8108836836.